When it comes to reaching your goals, motivation and endurance are key components to actually accomplishing them. It takes commitment, time, and energy to truly embark on an adventure of self-development. However, there comes a time when that sweet taste of success just seems to take too long to savor, and you may feel like throwing in the towel.

We may become worn out and tired of working so hard without making any progress. Is there a secret code to staying motivated and keeping your eyes on the prize? The answer is yes! Successful people are not immune from feeling discouraged. The difference is they keep going anyway, and they don’t give up.

Many well known individuals have reported having feelings of giving up right before they stumbled upon their big break. There are numerous fun and creative ways to keep yourself motivated on your journey to success. Endurance is a learned quality and with proper practice and behavior development, you’ll be on your way to obtaining your goals in no time!

Create A Vision Board

Vision boards take collaging to the next level! Many people enjoy creating unique boards that pertain to their dreams and aspirations. There is no rule book to how you create or assemble a board. All you need are quotes, pictures, and notes that will remind you of your end goal.

For example, someone on a weight loss journey may create a vision board with photos of healthy food, motivational quotes, and clothes they hope to one day fit into. An aspiring designer may place photos of local art, designs, and fabric to keep them going. The goal here is to make a board that reflects your goals and mount it somewhere that you have to pass every day. By doing this, you will constantly have to look at your goals and this will keep you accountable for executing them.

Read Motivational Books

Often times when we feel like giving up, an inspiring word from a friend or family member is just the pick me up we need. Motivational books are excellent resources to utilize when the discouragement seems overwhelming. Reading is already a great habit to cultivate. Why not enhance your mind with uplifting books and memoirs. “It’s Not How Good You Are, But How Good You Want to Be”  is a quick read that is jam packed with short, quote like sentences that will push you to creative limits.

Seth Godin’s, “How To Become A Linchpin” will have you jumping from your seams with excellent ideas, processes and confidence. There are countless books that provide uplifting advice on productivity and remaining focused. If you don’t have time to really divulge, the web is filled with talented authors who write articles solely on never giving up. Try bookmarking your favorite articles to your tablet or computer so that you always have access to these fuel enriched gems.

Embrace Failure

When we’re on the edge of giving up, one of the main components associated with discouragement is failure. We may succumb to unhealthy junk food one too many times when we’re supposed to be eating clean. This small mistake could leave you feeling inadequate and yearning to give up.

When you fail at an attempt to reaching your goals, push yourself harder. Use that painful feeling of insecurity to force you to take another step. Sure, failure is heartbreaking, but it can also be the reason you eventually succeed. Continuing to reinvent new ways to get back up after a devastating blow will help build your endurance.

Sure, the art of remaining focused takes focus in itself. However, a glorious key to remember is that, if you want something bad enough, giving up is never an option. By honing in on your habits and really making that effort to place your destination at the forefront of your life, you will remain determined to reach your goals without giving up!

Have you faced a challenge where you almost gave up? How did you overcome it? Please share your experience!

Jessica Benson

Jessica lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Washington State. After several attempts at building an online business, she finally found her "secret to success". She now gets to work from home full-time and makes money online. Jessica loves working with new affiliate marketers to help them avoid the pitfalls of the internet marketing world and develop a successful online business of their own.